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2023 Home Matters Report Online



When it comes to housing, Florida has seen both triumphs and ongoing challenges in 2022. Compared to other states in the nation, Florida enjoys access to an incredible source of funding for housing: the Sadowski State and Local Government Housing Trust Funds. In the final budget for the 2022-2023 fiscal year, the Florida Legislature appropriated over $362 million of these funds for affordable and workforce housing, the highest total in 15 years. In addition, the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (SLFRF), created by the American Rescue Plan Act, has presented a once-in-a-generation opportunity for local governments to address the affordable housing crisis. Yet, these positive developments are counter-balanced by housing costs at all-time highs and a shrinking supply of affordable housing. The COVID-19 Pandemic dramatically increased the cost of homeowner housing while tens of thousands of Floridians fell behind on their rent or mortgage payments.

The digital version of the 2023 Home Matters Report is now available online, with several interactive dashboards, an advocacy toolkit, and many other resources. 

Visit the Home Matters Resource Page for more information.


2023 Affordable Housing Conference A Smashing Success

Despite the weather, our 2023 conference was inspirational, motivational, and successful! We’re working to get all of the content (photos, media, presentations) sorted and uploaded ASAP and exploring options to reschedule canceled sessions.

In the meantime, enjoy this recap of the time we all spent together.


Time Is Running Out: Are you prepared to meet the new expectations outlined in the Live Local Act?

Governments have until October 1st to meet certain expectations outlined within the Live Local Act, including identifying publicly-owned lands that are appropriate for use as affordable housing on an inventory list.

Through the state’s Catalyst Program, local governments can (on a first-come, first-served basis) request support from the Coalition. Additionally, we also offer separate contracts for a multitude of services designed to ensure you are meeting the new expectations of the Live Local Act.

Contact Matthew Wyman ( today to setup a consultation.


Hurricane Idalia Resources

SHIP Administrators: Florida Housing may be open to your requests for SHIP-related waivers and permissions. Please email Michael Chaney ( if you would like guidance as you consider any of the following requests: 

  • A waiver of the regular Income Qualification Process and allowing the use of a Self-Certification of Income form
  • A waiver of the 30-day advertising requirement when funding the SHIP Disaster Strategy
  • A waiver of the 65% Homeownership set-a-side requirement if you anticipate offering a large amount of temporary rental assistance
  • Also related to temporary rental assistance, request authorization to provide temporary rehousing outside of your SHIP community’s boundary or even outside of the state. 
  • Consider if your community might want to spend funds on Manufactured Housing.  It is possible to request a waiver to use more than 20% of an allocation for Manufactured Housing

Additionally, our partners at the Florida Housing Finance Corporation are working with state and federal officials to provide information on disaster relief resources and information. Visit the FHFC’s DIsaster Relief Resource and Information Page for resources designed to assist you or those you know with recovery efforts. 


Summer 2023 Housing News Network Journal Now Available for Digital Download

The Summer 2023 issue of our journal, Housing News Network, is now available for digital download. Members will also receive their physical copies in the mail in the coming weeks.

In this issue, we delve extensively into Florida’s new Live Local Act, offering valuable insights and analysis for affordable housing professionals across the state. Additionally, we cover a range of other relevant topics that will empower you with the latest knowledge and trends in the industry.

Stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive edge with the comprehensive and informative articles in this edition of Housing News Network.


Publication Announcement: Making Your Ship Program Market Responsive

Real estate markets are constantly changing with local and national economic conditions, because of natural disasters, and due to global health emergencies as recently experienced with COVID-19. Though different market conditions present various parriers to affordable housing, access to state and federal resources is critical in all cases. Many Florida communities rely on the State Houinsg Initiatives Partnership Program (SHIP_ as a dedicated funding source to implement affordable housing efforts primarily for home ownership, but recent shifts in the housing market have proven difficult to navicate programmatically.

The Florida Housing Colaition, in conjunction with The Florida Housing Finance Corporation has prepared this new publication to provide best practices for structuring strategies that are effective in hot and cold markets and offers guidance on building flexibility into program policies to quickly respond to shifting market conditions. 


The Live Local Act Signed Into Law

Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Live Local Act into law on March 29, 2023. The Live Local Act provides a record amount of funding for affordable housing initiatives in the state’s history. The Senate staff analysis provides a thorough summary of the wide-reaching and impactful affordable housing policies contained in the bill.

The Florida Housing Coalition proudly supports the Live Local Act. The Act fully funds SHIP and SAIL plus an additional $150 million/year for 10 years for the SAIL program – demonstrating a meaningful financial commitment to the production of affordable rental housing. The Act’s combination of record levels of affordable housing funding, property tax incentives, and land use planning tools will spark the development of new and affordable homes which Florida so desperately needs. The Coalition applauds the Senate President, House Speaker, Senator Alexis Calatayud, and Representative Demi Busatta Cabrera for championing this meaningful piece of housing legislation.

For more information on the Live Local Act and what it means for affordable housing in Florida, contact the Coalition’s Chief Legal and Policy Officer at


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Whether you are an experienced housing professional, an advocate, a non-profit housing provider, or new to the field — our weekly webinars, online training courses, and in-depth consultations can make you more effective at your job, and a better advocate for affordable housing in your community.

Our Mission.

The Florida Housing Coalition’s mission is to bring together housing advocates and resources so that all Floridians have a home that is affordable in a suitable living environment.

Our Vision.

In every Florida community there is an ethic to ensure all members of that community, including the most vulnerable and low income, can live in a home of that person’s own choosing that is affordable to them, and that each community has at least one community-based organization with the capacity to play an important role in delivering housing and related services in that community.

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The Florida Housing Coalition is commonly acknowledged as the foremost authority in Florida for providing training and technical assistance on everything related to affordable housing, from ending homelessness to first time homeownership.  We provide consulting services at the local level, and we advocate at the state and national levels for people in need of affordable homes.

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