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A few SHIP updates have occurred since this training was created in 2002.

Chapter 1 and 2

Unit Eligibility:

Although the web-based training indicates that Mobile Homes are not eligible for SHIP assistance, this changed in 2009. Senate Bill 360, signed into law on June 4th, 2009, made several changes to SHIP, including the definition of “eligible housing”, which was amended and now includes “manufactured housing constructed after June 1994 and installed in accordance with the installation standards for mobile or manufactured homes contained in rules of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, for home ownership or rental for eligible persons as designated by each county or eligible municipality participating in the State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program.” Furthermore, section 420.9075 (5)c of the SHIP Statute is amended to read “Not more than 20 percent of the funds made available in each county and eligible municipality from the local housing distribution may be used for manufactured housing.

Chapter 3 and 5

Income verification process:

In 2009, Senate Bill 360 amended the SHIP statute’s definition of “Annualgrossincome”. It may now be defined “by standard practices used in the lending industry as detailed in the local housing assistance plan and approved by the corporation.”

Chapter 6

Award Letter:

This chapter outlines several items to include in an award letter. In addition, the letter should indicate that an applicant must be income eligible on the day when assistance is provided. Therefore, the letter should note that an applicant should inform the SHIP administrator of an income change if it occurs before assistance is provided or starts.

Taxes and Asset Values:

Despite the answer provided to the “Niles in Duval County” example, do not subtract taxes when calculating the Cash Value of a Retirement Account. Also do not subtract taxes from the value of any other asset except Annuities. The relevant section of the HUD Handbook 4350.3 Chapter 5 is 5.1 Subsection G Subsection

Reference Library

Do not rely on the Reference Library from this training, since more updated documents are available above in the SHIP section of the Coalition’s website.