Mark Hendrickson

Mark Hendrickson At-Large, The Hendrickson Company

Mark Hendrickson is the President of The Hendrickson Company, which specializes in assisting clients in all areas of affordable housing, including finance and related legislative issues. Mr. Hendrickson served as the Director of the Arkansas Housing Development Agency from 1977-1981, and of the Florida Housing Finance Agency from 1981-1994. Clients include for-profit and non-profit developers, the Florida Association of Local Housing Finance Authorities, and five County HFA’s. Past clients include US HUD, a national investment banking firm, a Florida lending consortium, an alliance of both Florida and Georgia developers.

Hendrickson also authored a whitepaper in 2009 for the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta on the economic impact of their housing programs, “Economic Benefits of The Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta AHP and FHP Programs”.

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