Juanita Jones

Juanita Jones 850-878-4219 Technical Advisor


JUANITA JONES is a Technical Advisor for the Florida Housing Coalition. As a community builder, Juanita is a passionate advocate for the equitable redevelopment of stronger communities. Throughout her career she has served nonprofit organizations to build capacity and assisted for-profit community developers to conceptualize, formalize and execute on development plans. Juanita believes that the best solutions stem from the broadest coalitions and collaborations on in common goals, placing a premium on deep community engagement. While technical proficiency is a hallmark of her professionalism, it is her desire to always be raising the bar that stands out. As a veteran practitioner and certified Housing Development Finance Professional, she has extensive experience with leveraging financing for housing development, rehabilitation and resale. As a LEED AP, Juanita is a strong proponent of innovative building methods and pushing for normalizing green building as the way to create truly sustainable redevelopment in housing and commercial spaces. Juanita also specializes in land banking and the use of surplus land for community redevelopment. She is a highly motivated problem solver with a strong command of the federal housing production programs and seeks to maximize their equitable implementation toward meeting the needs of the communities in which they are deployed. Juanita has a master’s in Social Work and Urban Planning with more than 25 years of experience in housing and community development.

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