Elissa Plancher

Elissa Plancher 850.274.9764 Technical Advisor


ELISSA PLANCHER is a Technical Advisor with the Florida Housing Coalition, where she works with developers, community stakeholders, and local governments to increase the number of affordable housing units across the State of Florida. Passionate about creating innovative, long-term solutions, Elissa incorporates her expertise in affordable housing, subsidy administration, service provision, comprehension of plans, and knowledge of systems to implement best practices and create opportunities that address housing equity among Florida’s residents who are most in need. Elissa’s work incorporating housing hazard resilience and mitigation policy across planning frameworks helps to ensure the policy foundation to preserve assisted and naturally occurring affordable housing is established to protect vulnerable Floridians, in preparation for the next disaster.  Learned from years of hands-on experience and participation across the Coalition teams projects, she marries the understanding of regulations with program design, implementation, strategic partnerships, and management. Elissa skillfully develops solution-oriented strategies and leads multi-system collaborative efforts designed to improve the quality of life for residents with lower incomes. She has managed funding of more than $30 million in federal, state, and local housing and services resources for people experiencing homelessness and other vulnerable community members. Elissa earned a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from Florida State University and will graduate from the University of Arizona in August 2022 with her Master of Real Estate Development. 

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