Elissa Plancher

Elissa Plancher 850.274.9764 Director, Affordable Housing Development


Elissa Plancher is the Director of Affordable Housing Development and a Technical Advisor with the Florida Housing Coalition.  Responsible for management of the Predevelopment Loan Program, she works with emerging nonprofit housing developers in the predevelopment process to plan and finance housing projects while building their capacity to navigate the credit underwriting for construction and permanent loan financing processes. Elissa incorporates almost 20 years of experience in the local government and nonprofit sectors in the housing industry and has worked across all of the Coalition’s teams, bringing her knowledge of regulations and interagency systems to guide local governments, Continuums of Care, and nonprofits to the tools and strategies required to create opportunities to address the unmet needs of affordable housing across Florida. In addition to fund management for the state's Housing Finance Agency, Elissahas administered over $30 million in federal, state, and local housing subsidies for thousands of households, expertly provided direct services to consumers, leveraged resources to maximize social impact, and provided technical assistance through the Nonprofit Capacity Building Institute to increase capacity of nonprofit organizations. Elissa is known to develop and implement strategies for interagency coordination to create innovative program designs and long-term solutions to housing for vulnerable and lower income populations. She is a statewide leader in disaster housing mitigation having developed methodologies for the assessment of housing resilience and mitigation planning and created a self-evaluation tool for local governments to reveal natural hazard risks to the housing stock. Her passion and flair for problem solving and her ability to translate complex problems into step-by-step solutions has won over Florida’s housing providers, both public and private. Elissa holds a Master of Real Estate Development degree from the University of Arizona.

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