Sadowski Affiliates are local and regional organizations in Florida that support the Sadowski Coalition’s mission to ensure that all the state and local housing trust funds are used solely for housing. Join us!

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MANY Voices, ONE Message to the Legislature: The Sadowski Act Housing Trust Funds are a floor, not a ceiling, for funding housing that is affordable to Florida households.

What is the Sadowski Coalition and who are the Sadowski Coalition Affiliates?

The Sadowski Coalition, a collaboration of diverse statewide organizations that urge the legislature to use all the housing trust funds for Florida’s housing programs. The Sadowski Act passed in 1992, increasing the doc stamp tax paid on all real estate transactions and placing these monies in a dedicated state and local housing trust fund. Today the Sadowski Coalition is comprised of 40 diverse statewide organizations representing millions of Floridians. The Sadowski Affiliates are local and regional organizations in Florida that support the Sadowski Coalition’s mission to ensure that all the state and local housing trust funds are used solely for housing.

If you are with a local or regional organization and would like to be a part of this collective state message, you can join as a Sadowski Affiliate. There is no fee for becoming a Sadowski Affiliate- only the mutual agreement of understanding between all Sadowski Coalition and Affiliate members to bring a cohesive message to the Florida Legislature that all the state and local housing trust fund monies be used for existing housing programs.

As a Sadowski Affiliate, you can participate in regular webinars regarding issues related to the housing trust funds and assist in the effort to have all of Florida’s housing trust funds used for housing.

The faster Florida’s housing market recovers, the faster Florida’s economy recovers. Housing dollars can put Florida’s out-of-work housing industry back to work repairing homes and improving the real estate market, and help reduce future state budget deficits.

Summary of Senate Bill 328/House Bill 1239

On January 4, 2024, Senator Alexis Calatayud filed “SB 328: Affordable Housing” and Representative Vicki Lopez filed “HB 1239: Affordable Housing.” These two bills contain several amendments to the Live Local Act – specifically to the Live Local Act’s land use preemption and the “Missing Middle” Property Tax Exemption. If passed, these two bills would become effective upon being signed into law by the Governor. A brief summary of SB 328/HB 1239 is provided below. Updates will be made as needed to reflect amendments to these bills. Contact: Kody Glazer, Chief Policy Officer,


Sadowski Affiliates Webinar

The Florida Housing Coalition is hosting a free webinar for Sadowski Affiliates. There is no cost. It is open to ALL HOUSING TRUST FUND ADVOCATES, including all SHIP Administrators and everyone else who wants the Legislature to use all the housing trust fund money for Florida’s affordable housing programs.

In Case you Missed it…. See the most recent Sadowski webinar recordings, PowerPoint presentation, as well as other materials used during that webinar.

Projected SHIP Distributions Estimates FY 24-25 

The Projected SHIP Distribution information for fiscal year 2024-2025 is SHIP allocation based on Governor’s 2024-2025 Budget Recommendations, includes Catalyste proviso and DR holdback.


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Step-by-Step Guide to Talking with Your Legislators

  1. Contact Your Legislator Where They Live
  2. Schedule a meeting with your Legislator or legislative aide in your district
  3. Notify Kody Glazer at 954-804-1320 or to let her know when the meeting is to help prepare
  4. Materials for the Meeting
  5. Sadowski Affiliate: Sadowski Affiliates One Pager
  6. Download and share real stories with your legislator.
  7. If you know your legislator is interested in a particular subset of Florida’s population:
  8. Send a thank you to legislator
  9. Finally and most importantly we would like FEEDBACK: Follow up with Kody Glazer 954-804-1320 or to let her know how the meeting went and if any follow up

Membership in Sadowski Affiliates is free thanks to support from Wells Fargo.