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Real estate markets are constantly changing with local and national economic conditions, because of natural disasters, and due to global health emergencies as recently experienced with COVID-19. Though different market conditions present various barriers to affordable housing, access to state and federal resources is critical in all cases. Many Florida communities rely upon the State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program (SHIP) as a dedicated funding source to implement affordable housing efforts primarily for homeownership, but recent shifts in the housing market have proven difficult to navigate programmatically. This pamphlet provides best practices for structuring strategies that are effective in hot and cold markets and offers guidance on building flexibility into program policies to quickly respond to shifting market conditions. Subject matter speaks to using valuable subsidies toward activities that can maximize access to affordable units in changing markets and examines strategy design that can help address challenges such as cost escalation, increased purchase prices, low home valuations, low purchase price limits, failed home inspections, and more. Since addressing affordable housing is a multi-faceted approach, this pamphlet provides practical solutions for addressing the immediate housing needs of low-income and vulnerable populations as well as suggests practical long-term strategies to make your SHIP program market responsive.

Updated Edition of Definitive Publication: Affordable Housing in Florida

Anupdated edition of the definitive publication about affordable housing in Florida has just been released by the Florida Housing Coalition. This new edition of Affordable Housing in Florida incorporates updates on HB 1339, covers the growing interest in Community Land Trusts throughout Florida, and details other policies and ordinances that encourage and support the development of affordable housing in your community. Chapters include: What is Affordable Housing? Who Lives in Affordable Housing? Why Include Affordable Housing in Your Community? How is Affordable Housing Developed? How Should Neighbors b Included in the Process? What Role Does Design Play? What is the Connection Between Affordable Housing and Fair Housing? About the William E. Sadowski Affordable Housing Act, About the Catalyst Program, and a Glossary of Terms and Acronyms.This important publication was produced with funding from the Catalyst Program administered by the Florida Housing Finance Corporation. Get your copy today!

The Coalition’s Most Requested Publication, Now Featured in easy-to-use Video Learning Series

The Florida Housing Coalition’s definitive publication about affordable housing in Florida has just been turned into an easy-to-use Video Learning Series. Designed as a primer for all Florida housing advocates and policy-makers, this new video learning series features examples of beautiful affordable housing developments from throughout the state, as well as updates on HB 1339, the growing interest in Community Land Trusts throughout Florida, and details other policies and ordinances that encourage and support the development of affordable housing in your community. View the Series Now. 

2023 Residential Rehabilitation Guide

This Handbook is a tool to be used by SHIP Administrators, sponsors, and partners as a guide for selecting and collaborating with Contractors under the City/County/Agency’s SHIP Rehabilitation Program and other housing programs. It provides customizable templates that may be used to create policies, procedures, forms, and guidelines under a Rehabilitation Program. Users of this Handbook may adapt it to be consistent with the locally adopted and approved Local Housing Assistance Plan, Program Policies and Procedures, and other local laws and requirements. 

Housing News Network Journal

Florida Home Matters Report

Data Driven Planning

Using Coronavirus State Local Fiscal Recovery Funds for Affordable Housing

A Guidebook for Affordable Housing Advisory Committee Members and Local Government Staff

Florida Community Land Trust Best Practices Manual

Affordable Housing Resource Guide

Making your SHIP Program Market Responsive

Eyesore to Asset- Adapative Reuse Guidebook

Guide to Using SHIP for Rental Housing 

Terms of Assistance

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Guide for Housing

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Guidebook

Effectively Engaging Individuals with Disabilities in Consolidated Planning 

Creating Inclusive Communities in Florida

CLT Homebuyer Education Module- Buyer’s Guide

CLT Homebuyer Education Module- Teacher’s Guide

Case Management Guidebook:

Supporting Households Moving Out of Homelessness

Creating a Local Housing Disaster Recovery Strategy

Community-Based Planning Guide

A Resource for the Disability Community on How to Engage in Local Planning

Florida’s Surplus Lands

Laws for Affordable Housing: A Guidebook for Implementation Using Best Practices

Landlord Collaboration Guidebook

Guidebook for SHIP Administrators

The Community Allies Guide to Opportunity Zones

Permanent Supportive Housing

Property Management Guidebook

Credit Underwriting Guide for Multi-Family Affordable Housing in Florida

Guide to Developing & Operating
Small Scale Rental Properties