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Housing News Network Journal

The Housing News Network Journal is published by the Florida Housing Coalition three times a year as a service to our members, housing professionals and others interested in affordable housing issues.

Florida Home Matters Report

On February 26, the Florida Housing Coalition released “Home Matters for Florida Report 2019” in support of a national “Home Matters” initiative to educate the public and policymakers about the value of housing when it comes to health, education and the economy.

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Guidebook

As communities and local governments consider meeting the demand for affordable housing by tapping into the vast single-family housing stock to create accessory dwelling units (ADUs), this document will be a reference guide. Elected and appointed officials, government employees and affordable housing advocates will quickly understand the pros and cons of allowing and encouraging ADUs. .

Affordable Housing in Florida

Affordable housing is defined in terms of the income of the people living in the home. The family must be income eligible. Income eligibility is defined in terms of area median income, adjusted for family size.

Affordable Housing Resource Guide

This guide was developed as a quick reference source for affordable housing providers, administrators of local government housing and human service programs, and other professionals with an interest in affordable housing. This guide is particularly geared toward nonprofit organizations that currently provide affordable housing, or are considering becoming affordable housing developers and/or owners.

Affordable Housing Incentive Strategies

A Guidebook for Affordable Housing Advisory Committee Members and Local Government Staff

While there are many SHIP workshops, webinars, and publications devoted to spending SHIP funds, this guidebook focuses on incentives to attract developers who will build affordable housing.

Case Management Guidebook:

Supporting Households Moving Out of Homelessness

The intent of this guidebook is to guide, encourage, and highlight best practices for case managers working specifically with households experiencing homelessness. While there are numerous resources on case management in a generalist setting, homelessness presents unique challenges and issues.

CLT Primer

With limited public funds and the enormous gap between the average income of Florida’s workforce and the cost of housing, Florida’s communities are looking to new tools to meet the housing needs of Florida’s residents. A tool that an increasing number of Florida communities are looking to is the community land trust.

CLT Homebuyer Education Module

This module is designed to education potential purchasers of community land trust (CLT) homes about what it means to be a CLT homeowner. It should be presented to those whom have chosen CLT homeownership or to those for whom CLT homeownership is their best option for purchasing a home.

Community-Based Planning Guide

A Resource for the Disability Community on
How to Engage in Local Planning

This guide is intended to provide stakeholders with information on potential housing resources and how to participate in funding decisions through the initial planning process.

Creating a Local Housing Disaster Recovery Strategy

This guide helps in the development of a disaster housing strategy,
and includes a framework and a range of considerations
to align housing providers with the emergency
management functions in their communities. 

Creating Inclusive
Communities in Florida

A guidebook for local elected officials and staff on avoiding and overcoming the Not In My Backyard Syndrome.

Credit Underwriting Guide for Multi-Family Affordable Housing in Florida

This guidebook is intended to help monprofit and newer affordable housing developers gain a better understanding of the credit underwriting process that ensues after a development has been selected for financing by the Florida Housing Finance Corporation. This guidebook may also be useful to local housing providers in the public sector who evaluate the feasibility of housing projects that have requested funding from local sources. Sound credit underwriting procedures are a form of risk management and should be a priority in the evaluation of the feasibility of affordable housing developments.

Developing & Operating
Small Scale Rental Properties

A majority of the nation’s rental housing stock is made up of properties with less than 20 units and most of these units serve low income tenants. Over time, these properties have become difficult to operate sustainably, limiting housing choices in many communities. This guide gives some direction to affordable housing organizations on how to evaluate small scale rental deals and develop and manage them successfully.

Disaster Management
Guide for Housing

This guide is designed to prepare staff working with the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) program for their roles and responsibilities before and after a disaster. The guide is also written for Florida’s public and private sector housing providers to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. The guide provides a framework that illustrates the interconnectedness of federal, state and local emergency response and mitigation support operations.

Guide to Using SHIP for Rental Housing

This guidebook provides a detailed set of instructions for the use of SHIP funds for rental housing. There are three main sections in the guidebook and an appendix which provides sample strategies and agreements that may serve as a template. The guidebook can be used by entry level staff as well as experienced practitioners.

Guidebook for SHIP Administrators

This is a guide for staff who are new to working with the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) program. It is designed to provide direction during the initial stage of working with SHIP — a program that has a long and significant history of helping very low, low, and moderate -income Floridians access and maintain affordable housing.

Creating a Local Housing Disaster Strategy- Part 1: Hurricane Season Toolkit

Disasters occur frequently enough in Florida that success with affordable housing assistance is contingent on having a plan for disaster recovery. Each Florida community needs a strategy for protecting affordable housing against disaster damage and repairing or replacing damaged housing stock. This publication offers what you need to address housing-related disaster preparation: Disaster Preparation Best Practices; Housing Mitigation; Disaster Toolkit; and Opportunity Zones Overview.

PSH Property Management Guidebook

Affordable housing development begins with an idea or, for some, a vision. Bringing that vision to life starts with exploring choices, making decisions, and taking action. The same can be said about the permanent supportive housing (PSH) model.

Residential Rehabilitation Guide

The purpose of this Handbook is to assist local State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program (SHIP) Administrators working with Contractors to implement Rehabilitation Programs funded by SHIP.

Surplus Lands Guidebook

The purpose of this guidebook is to support local governments in the implementation of surplus land disposition to benefit the development of affordable housing.

The Community Allies Guide to Opportunity Zones

This Guidebook differs from nearly all other materials offered on Opportunity Zones in that it is not written for the taxpayer or from the perspective of the taxpayer; it is specifically written from the perspective of the community. It provides background information on the opportunity Zones tax incentive and details ways community allies can ensure the incentive works to produce strong local economies that benefit long-time residents living in designated Opportunity Zones.


Out of Reach 2019 – Out of Reach: Florida – Published by the National Low Income Housing Coalition

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