Housing News Network, October 2005

Vol. 21, No. 3


1 – Housing Florida’s Workforce, Past, Present, and Future: 2006 Legislative Session

5 – KATRINA, RITA, WILMA, GAMMA . . . and Saving Our Region’s Affordable Housing

7 – Shared Appreciation:Balancing Wealth Building with Future Community Needs

9 – Green Communities

11 – Preservation of Multifamily Affordable Housing: The Focus of Affordable Housing Study Commission’s 2005 Final Report

13 – Community Land Trusts: Creating Permanent Affordable Homeownership in Florida’s High Cost Areas Title and Tax Issues

16 – The Florida Community Land Trust Institute

17 – The Obligations of the Community Land Trust to the Homebuyer

19 – FHFC and Local Government Funding to Facilitate Community Land Trusts in Florida

21 – Preserving Mobile Home Parks for the Residents Who Live There

24 – SHIP Clips

26 – 2005 Conference Highlights

29 – Kelo v. City of New London: Eminent Domain and Affordable Housing

From the Editor

Florida can boast the best housing trust fund in the nation. But we are steadily and quickly losing ground in the fight for first-time home ownership, housing our essential first-responder workforce, and providing for our most vulnerable citizens.

WHY? Because in this time of hyper-appreciation (see map on page 3), our state and local housing trust funds dedicated to providing affordable housing, have either been used for other purposes or simply not appropriated for any purpose. It is stunningly inexcusable.