Housing News Network, November 2013

Vol. 29, No. 3

From the Editor

Training and technical assistance with every conceivable type of affordable housing issue, from nurturing to fruition the seed of a start-up’s development idea to fine-tuning the program  implementation of a seasoned housing administrator, is the everyday work of the Florida Housing Coalition.

So, why is the statewide annual conference such an important event? Because it is the one and only time each year when housing professionals, from start-ups to seasoned administrators come together to share their experiences, to compare and contrast the differences in their respective corners of the housing world, and to move the state’s housing policy agenda forward.

And so it was with the 2013 statewide annual conference. Approximately 600 housing professionals participated in public policy discussions including the future of the GSEs, substantive caucuses covering topics such as ending homelessness, and workshops addressing energy efficiency, land banking, housing homeless veterans, statewide housing finance programs, federal housing finance programs, avoiding and overcoming NIMBYism, financial literacy, social media for nonprofits, housing preservation, new market tax credits, community land trusts, the Community Reinvestment Act, and more.

Our banking and other funder Partners for Better Housing are able to meet with the affordable housing developers and nonprofits throughout the state that they are working with. They are also meeting others whom they may be funding in the future. Give and take between and among all the conference participants is palatable; the air is energized with the excitement of what can be.

The Florida Housing Coalition occupies a precious space in the affordable housing world, which is a responsibility we take seriously. We are the big tent that supports other statewide housing organizations, regional housing groups, local housing groups, and individuals.

Our Partners for Better Housing know that when they support the statewide conference they are supporting the work of affordable housing from Miami to the Panhandle. The richness of the learning at the statewide annual conference is equal parts experts from the dais, and experience and expertise from the audience. Therefore, on behalf of the Florida Housing Coalition’s board and staff, I thank our Partners for Better Housing for without their financial support there could be no statewide conference. I also thank our entire membership for participating in the annual conference. Without all of you, there would be no there – there.

I hope you enjoy the photos and articles highlighting the Florida Housing Coalition’s statewide annual conference 2013 and I hope you all mark your calendars to come together again on September 7-10th at the Hilton Orlando.