Housing News Network, June 2008

Vol. 24, No. 2


1-2008 Legislative Wrap-Up

6-21st Annual Conference Save The Date

7-Inclusionary Housing A Challenge Worth Taking

11-Staying Dry During a Wave of Foreclosures

15-Foreclosure Crisis Increases the Need for Affordable Rental Housing

16-Self-Help Housing

18-Show Us the Green!

21-How to Make Homeless Deals Work in Florida

24-Brownfield Redevelopment: An Opportunity for Affordable Housing

25-Leveling the Playing Field for Small Scale Developers and Non-Profits

29-Preservation Strategies for Mobile Home Parks: Lessons from Miami-Dade County

31-HOP Update: Non-profit Input Made Meaningful Improvement

32-SHIP Clips

34-Coalition News

From the Editor

Just a few hours before the close of the 2008 session, it looked like there would be a great deal of copy for this post legislative session edition of the Journal. But there’s no need to go into great detail about the omnibus housing bill because it will not become law this year. In the last few hours of the last day of session, SB 482, which included all the items from HB 699 and more, highlighted below, died when the House tacked on amendments that had either insufficient time, interest, or both to be taken up by the Senate. In short, no housing bill this year.