Housing News Network, June 2006

Vol. 22, No. 2


1 – What Happened to Housing in the 2006 Session?

7 – Setting SAIL to Meet the Needs of Florida’s Lowest Income Renters

9 – 19th Annual Statewide Conference

10 – Coming Soon: Florida’s Priced Out Report

11 – The Widening Gap Between What Houses Cost and What Families Can Afford

14 – Eminent Domain Reform in the 2006 Legislative Session:Florida’s Explosive Reaction to the Kelo Decision

15 – Politics and Policy: How Eminent Domain Practices can Shape or Destroy a Desired Future

19 – A Success Story for Displaced Mobile Home Park Residents

21 – Lessons from Florida 2004,with Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Jeanne

25 – Florida Housing Coalition to Assist New Orleans Nonprofit: Sharing in the Initiative

27 – The Florida Housing Coalition Recognizes Kathleen McLeroy for Extraordinary Pro bono Assistance

28 – SHIP Clips

30 – The Florida Community Land Trust Institute

From the Editor

Was it a good session? Was it a bad session? It was the session that we should have seen all the money in the state and local housing trust funds appropriated for affordable housing. That did not happen. In fact less than half of the monies which should and could have been used to fund our existing programs such as SHIP and SAIL will be made available. The rest will remain sitting in the trust funds unable to benefit affordable housing production- a truly inexplicable outcome at a time of unprecedented housing crisis coupled with unprecedented surplus of general revenue and a state and local housing trust fund holding approximately $940 million.

The good news is twofold: the monies left unappropriated (approximately $507 million) was not spent for other purposes, so it will be available to be used for affordable housing programs in the 2007 session, and the affordable housing crisis is certainly on every legislator’s radar screen.