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Land Use: Policies and Planning

Land Use Planning

The Florida Housing Coalition has worked with numerous local governments in analyzing and amending their planning documents and land development regulations to create a regulatory atmosphere that encourages and assists affordable housing development. We provide recommendations and documents for land use planning, development procedures, and assist local governments meet their statutory obligations to plan for the future housing needs of their jurisdictions.


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Regulatory Incentives

The Florida Housing Coalition recognizes that development of housing that is affordable cannot occur without a working relationship with the private sector. The LAND team assists local governments devise incentive strategies to encourage private developers to build housing that is affordable by leveraging federal and state dollars, utilizing surplus lands, lessening regulatory requirements, expediting permitting processes, devising inclusionary zoning ordinances, and through other tools.

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The Florida Housing Coalition’s Nonprofit Capacity Building Institute is pleased to offer a free online course for nonprofits titled: Building Capacity to Build: Best Practices for Nonprofit Housing Developers. Designed to take nonprofits step by step through the process of developing the capacity they need to start an affordable housing project, this is a self-paced training  that guides a nonprofit through a thorough assessment of its internal structure and operations. 

Whether you need a one-day staff training, technical assistance, or in-depth consulting, the Florida Housing Coalition can meet your needs.

We work throughout the state to help communities utilize resources more effectively, implement best practices, and develop collaboration among key community stakeholders to achieve effective outcomes. 

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For questions, technical assistance, or consulting requests, complete this form or contact Kody Glazer at glazer@FLhousing.org.

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