The Florida Housing Coalition provides in depth, focused training and technical assistance designed to build the capacity of nonprofit organizations with the goal of increasing the supply and quality of housing that is affordable throughout the state of Florida. As the success of nonprofits is hinged to solid relationships with local governments, FHC works closely with cities and counties to design and implement land use tools including regulatory incentives, inclusionary zoning, and surplus land policies.

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Land Use Planning

The Florida Housing Coalition has worked with numerous local governments in analyzing and amending their planning documents and land development regulations to create a regulatory atmosphere that encourages and assists affordable housing development. We provide recommendations and documents for land use planning, development procedures, and assist local governments meet their statutory obligations to plan for the future housing needs of their jurisdictions.

Regulatory Incentives

The Florida Housing Coalition recognizes that development of housing that is affordable cannot occur without a working relationship with the private sector. The LAND team assists local governments devise incentive strategies to encourage private developers to build housing that is affordable by leveraging federal and state dollars, utilizing surplus lands, lessening regulatory requirements, expediting permitting processes, devising inclusionary zoning ordinances, and through other tools.

Live Local Resources

The Live Local Act, also referred to as SB 102, represents a comprehensive and far-reaching workforce housing initiative and is supported by the Florida Housing Coalition. The Act aims to significantly bolster the availability of affordable housing options for Florida’s dedicated workforce, allowing them to reside in the very communities they tirelessly serve. This groundbreaking legislation not only allocates historic levels of funding to workforce housing but also introduces a wide array of novel programs, incentives, and prospects. It endeavors to reshape Florida’s housing strategy with a singular focus: enhancing accessibility to housing for all.

The Florida Housing Coalition stands ready to assist local governments, nonprofit organizations, and other entities to implement strategies to maximize the impact of the Live Local Act within the communities they serve. We are committed to the advancement of affordable housing options and innovative solutions across all housing markets in Florida.

Click here to visit our Live Local Act resource page. 


Below are the past LAND experts webinar trainings that you may have missed. Click the button below for the webinar recordings and/or PowerPoint presentations for any of the past trainings. For a list of future Florida Housing Coalition trainings, click here to view the Training Calendar.

Nonprofit Capacity Building

Land Use Planning

Regulatory Incentives

Community Land Trusts



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