The Florida Housing Coalition may be looking for you. Learn more about the Coalition’s Internship Program, which allows students to make a difference in the lives of families across Florida that are struggling with the high cost of housing.

As a statewide nonprofit, the Florida Housing Coalition is looking for energetic, forward thinking professionals to join our intern team. Students will gain valuable knowledge, tools, skills, and experience in affordable housing, ending homelessness, community development, and furthering fair housing that can be utilized in their future professional pursuits, no matter the field.

The Florida Housing Coalition works to leverage resources and advocate for the policies, programs, and use of funding resources that maximize the availability and quality of affordable housing in Florida.  Interns take part in the Coalition’s work: providing information about housing affordability; training and technical assistance for nonprofits, private businesses, and government entities on affordable housing and related issues; and supporting community-based partnerships.

Through their service, FHC interns help implement the work of a well-respected statewide nonprofit organization that shapes the policies and organizations that provide affordable housing to hundreds of thousands of Floridians. We encourage our interns to bring their full self to our team of professionals—their skills and knowledge; professional and life experiences; as well as their keen analytical and creative thinking, intuition, and values about social and economic justice.


Each semester, the Florida Housing Coalition welcomes interns to be a part of the internship program. Our interns major in a variety of fields including urban and regional planning, communications, economics, and international affairs. Check out the students currently interning with the Florida Housing Coalition.


For more information on the Florida Housing Coalition’s internship program, please contact Kathy Gray, internship coordinator, at 850.878.4219, or

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