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3-From The Editor

4-Implementation of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program in Florida

6-First Look Programs

8-Community Progress: A Variety of Approaches Taken by Florida’s NSP Participants Across the State

19-Strategic Opportunities

22-Rhode Island: A Statewide Approach

23-The Neighborhood Stabilization Program, Land Banking and the Community Land Trust

24-Building the Capacity of Nonprofits in Florida to Preserve Affordable Housing

28-SHIP Caucus at Conference

29-Housing Opportunities for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

32-Solar Panel Tour – Orlando Convention Center

33-Affordable Energy Efficient Green Housing Roundtable

34-SHIP Clips

36-The Florida Homebuyer Opportunity Program is Extended

37-About The Coalition

From The Editor

Housing News Network JournalIn an impossibly tight budget year, the Florida Housing Coalition’s statewide annual conference drew a tremendous reception; over 650 housing participants. It was an event chocked full of housing resources and pressing policy issues, but no topic hotter than the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. After all, but for federal stimulus monies (including TCAP and TCEP), affordable housing would have come to a screeching halt in Florida this year.

For that reason, we are dedicating the greater portion of this Journal to NSP in Florida, highlighting best practices from around the state and recommendations for strategic opportunities to make this challenging program a success. All seven of the Florida Housing Coalition’s offices are assisting NSP communities and their partners to implement NSP. We are especially grateful to our partners, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Home Loan Bank Atlanta for funding the bulk of that work.

Sadowski Education Effort
Advocacy at the Florida Housing Coalition continues to be focused on restoration of the Sadowski Act state and local housing trust funds. We receive word almost daily that another local government has adopted a resolution calling upon the Florida legislature to repeal the cap on the state and local housing trust funds and fully fund Florida’s housing programs. (Click here for a sample resolution.) These resolutions are an important piece of the larger Sadowski Education Effort spearheaded by the Sadowski Coalition and administered by the Florida Housing Coalition. Before the state of the 2010 session, we anticipate that every legislator will have received at least one personal visit by a member of the Sadowski education team.

Affordable housing is key to Florida’s economic recovery. For every $1 million of state funding, $7.66 million of economic activity is generated. As part of that economic activity, each $1 million of state funding generates over $2.98 million of earnings/income. For every $1 million of state funding, 77 jobs are created. Click here for advocacy talking points.

Advocacy for affordable housing in Florida takes many forms, it can be meeting with your legislator; it can be developing quality affordable housing; it can be administrating a SHIP program well. Florida lost such an advocate for affordable housing at our statewide affordable housing conference on September 21, Annette Ayala.

– JAIMIE ROSS, President of the Florida Housing Coalition and the Affordable Housing Director at 1000 Friends of Florida