Florida Housing Coalition talks Live Local Act at the 2023 Homes for Pinellas Summit

 On April 28, 2023, Ashon Nesbitt, the Chief Executive Officer of the Florida Housing Coalition, spoke at the 2023 Homes for Pinellas Summit, joining over 120 housing advocates to discuss the challenges faced by Pinellas County residents in finding safe and affordable housing. As part of the summit, the Pinellas County Housing Authority launched its Housing Action Plan, which aims to improve access to affordable housing options for low-income individuals and families in the county.

During the summit, attendees had the opportunity to learn about the Housing Action Plan and provide feedback on the proposed initiatives. The Pinellas County Housing Authority also discussed the importance of community partnerships in addressing the housing crisis and emphasized the need for continued collaboration and support from local organizations and government agencies.

The plan, which outlines a comprehensive strategy for addressing the housing crisis in Pinellas County, seeks to address rising housing costs and a shortage of affordable housing options. It includes a range of initiatives, including the development of new affordable housing units, the preservation of existing affordable housing, and the expansion of rental assistance programs.

The launch of the Pinellas Housing Action Plan marks an important milestone in the effort to improve access to affordable housing in Pinellas County. Through collaboration and community support, the Housing Authority is taking important steps towards ensuring that all individuals and families have access to safe, affordable housing options. As part of this collaboration, Florida Housing Coalition CEO Ashon Nesbitt spoke on the Live Local Act and how it aligns with the county’s action plan and the resources available from the Florida Housing Coalition.

“The Housing Action Plan is an important step towards ensuring that all individuals and families in Pinellas County have access to safe and affordable housing,” said Mr. Nesbitt. “The launch of this plan provides a solid foundation to support the effort to improve access to affordable housing in the county, and the Live Local Act can help support many of these proposed initiatives. The Coalition is committed to supporting our local partners and looks forward to working with Pinellas County to assist with implementation support.”

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