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WEBINAR: Finding and Retaining Rehabilitation Contractors

Presenters will provide guidance for finding contractors for blue sky repairs as well as after a disaster. Learn how to overcome difficulties getting an insurance estimate when starting a job. The training will also address alternatives like involving manufactured housing built elsewhere.

WEBINAR: Surplus Land and Permanent Affordability

Surplus land is a key resource for local governments in the production of workforce and affordable housing affordability. The Live Local Act provides new requirements and guidance on best practices for how local governments manage the disposition of land, including encouraging the utilization of land (99-yr) leases as well as new property tax exemptions for […]

WEBINAR: The Pre-Development Process (New Developers Training Track)

This webinar provides guidance to nonprofit organizations on predevelopment activities and due diligence necessary prior to the development of affordable housing units. The Coalition is the contracted Technical Assistance Provider (TAP) for FHFC’s Predevelopment Loan Program (PLP), providing hands-on TA on roughly 40 PLP loans. Learn about the PLP application process, PLP program guidance from […]

WEBINAR: Exploring Housing Needs assessments and Market Analysis (New Developers Training Track)

This webinar will open your eyes to existing local plans that include comprehensive housing needs assessments and market analyses. Reduce duplication of efforts by exploring how these local planning documents intersect and overlap. Reviewing the Consolidated Plan’s data sources and elements that contribute to analyzing the market during the conceptual stage in the predevelopment phase […]

WEBINAR: Expedited Permitting and Innovative Solutions for Housing

The SHIP statute requires SHIP jurisdictions to expedite the permitting of affordable housing developments to a greater degree than other projects. Additionally, the Live Local Act newly requires all local governments to post their policies and procedures online for the expedited processing of building permits and development orders required by law to be expedited. The […]

WEBINAR: Serving People with the Lowest Incomes through the Live Local Act

This training will explore how the tools in the Live Local Act can serve very-low and extremely-low-income households. Presenters will discuss the new Live Local property tax exemptions and how they can help community-based nonprofits build affordable rental homes for targeted populations. Attendees will also learn how the Live Local Act's funding for SHIP and […]

WEBINAR: Land Use Tool for Affordable Housing in Commercial, Industrial, and Mixed-Use Districts

This webinar explores the Live Local Act's land use preemption for affordable housing in commercial, industrial, & mixed-use zones. The webinar features updates on implementing the preemption for jurisdictions and provides guidance to the frequently asked question: how are local governments to monitor affordability for at least 30 years for LLA preemption projects? Presenters discuss […]

WORKSHOP: SHIP Program Administration

LOCATION: Riviera Beach Mariana Village Event Center 190 E. 13th Street Rivera Beach, FL 33404 This workshop will provide guidance on the fundamental rules of the SHIP program, and will assist SHIP administrators with five years or less of SHIP experience with the implementation of their programs. The training will provide a SHIP program overview, […]

WEBINAR: The Development Process ( New Developers Training Track)

This is designed for nonprofit developers, housing program administrators, and their community partners. The presenters will address land use, impact fees, permitting, platting and more. Key topics include financing, site selection, and how housing is made affordable. Presenters will also cover funding applications and awards, credit underwriting, the initial closing process, the construction period, and […]

WEBINAR: Permanent Supportive Housing Development

Permanent Supportive Housing is an essential component of the affordable housing stock.  This type of development prioritizes persons most vulnerable in our communities, with the lowest incomes and highest service needs.  This webinar will discuss the concept of affordable housing, how to analyze unmet housing needs to prevent occupancy challenges, developing partnerships with community-based service […]

WEBINAR: How to Build a Sustainable SHIP Program

Several approaches are addressed, including leveraging small SHIP allocations with other funding sources for larger impact.  Presenters will also discuss balancing long-term affordability and feasibility of projects with the need to generate program income.  The training will feature examples like deferred payment loans, structuring SHIP assistance in rental developments like SAIL, and leasing land as […]

WEBINAR: LHAP Design Part 1

This webinar will assist local government staff in the preparation and implementation of the Local Housing Assistance Plan (LHAP) as required by SHIP. It focuses on using and improving on the LHAP in the three years between when the plan is formally updated.  Learn how to write a LHAP that is clear, concise and complies […]

WEBINAR: LHAP Design Part 2

This webinar will provide examples of the nuts and bolts of the plan update.  This is an important training, considering that many SHIP communities must submit new LHAPs in 2023.  Key topics to be addressed include properly defining terms of assistance and designing housing strategies that work in a changing market.  Presenters will discuss not-so-common […]

WEBINAR: Funding in the Live Local Act

The training is focused on Live Local Act funding provisions for affordable housing.  The training will be presented after processes/procedures are established for new provisions, which are the highest in the state’s history.  Presenters will include FHFC and DEO staff discussing the extra $150 million a year for a SAIL-like program and DEO’s Job Growth […]