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WEBINAR – Affordable Housing Law

This training is designed for county and municipal attorneys and affordable housing program staff. It will offer housing-related updates and introduce basic principles of Florida affordable housing law and answer frequently asked questions regarding the state’s affordable housing programs. Florida has a variety of state-specific statutes that govern affordable housing policy. Presenters will address Florida […]

WEBINAR – HOME Funding for Affordable Housing (Part 2)

This webinar offers training on using HOME funding for homeownership projects. It will feature home purchase projects from several Florida communities. In addition, it will introduce HOP, a down payment assistance program funded in part by federal HOME dollars. The Homeownership Opportunity Pool is a unique and valuable resource offered by Florida Housing Finance Corporation. […]

WEBINAR – Successful Homeownership Initiatives

This training will provide examples of homeownership development and purchase assistance strategies from across Florida. It is part of the Models for Affordable Housing webinar series that focuses on Florida communities implementing affordable housing best practices. The presenters will discuss how SHIP local government housing staff and their community partners can work together in developing, […]

WEBINAR – Mixed-Income Rental Housing

This training will focus on rental housing that includes for households in the 80 to 120% AMI range. It is part of the Models for Affordable Housing webinar series that focuses on Florida communities implementing affordable housing best practices related to a variety of approaches. Presenters will provide Florida examples of mixed-income rental housing, discuss […]

WEBINAR – Overcoming NIMBY Opposition

Opposition to rental developments, even with the extreme need for rental housing is getting worse. Even senior housing faces NIMBY opposition. This makes it harder to use SHIP and SAIL funding. Jaimie Ross, nationally recognized expert in avoiding and overcoming NIMBYism is presenting and will include affordable rental practitioners. This webinar will be for developers, […]

WEBINAR- Overcoming NIMBY Opposition

Florida has a substantial deficit of affordable rental housing.  We can’t afford Not in My Backyard (NIMBY) opposition to derail the production of affordable rental homes. Today, even senior housing faces NIMBY opposition.  Jaimie Ross, nationally recognized expert in avoiding and overcoming NIMBYism is presenting and will include affordable rental practitioners to share their experiences. […]

WEBINAR- Using Publicly Owned Lands for Affordable Housing

This webinar provides guidance on how the public sector, including school boards and Community Redevelopment Agencies, can use its land for affordable housing purposes. Publicly owned land is one of the most important tools a local government must address the affordable housing crisis. Some local governments have enormous numbers of properties in their inventory available […]

WORKSHOP- The Credit Underwriting Process for Affordable Housing

Hilton Tampa Westshore

This workshop is designed to introduce the underwriting process that takes place after a funding award has been approved. The invitation to credit underwriting is a vital first step to prepare for before applying for financing. It is a complex and critical part of financial agreements that will govern the short- and long-term process of […]

WEBINAR: Preparing for the SHIP Monitor- Part 1

This webinar is designed to familiarize SHIP staff with the periodic monitoring process. Have you received notice that a Florida Housing Finance Corporation Monitor will soon conduct a compliance review of your SHIP program? Don’t get nervous—get prepared. This first webinar will provide the results from an analysis of recent monitoring reports to help you […]

WEBINAR: Preparing for the SHIP Monitor- Part 2

This is the second half of a webinar series will outline SHIP rule compliance, as well as options offered by Florida Housing Finance Corporation for addressing non-compliance issues. Learn about budget reconciliation, annual reporting, and SHIP tracking documents that monitors will review. In addition, presenters will discuss the local government monitoring responsibilities when working with […]

WEBINAR: Proficiency in Income Qualification- Part 1

This is the first of a two-part training focused on resources available for SHIP administration in determining income. It covers the process of advertising based on the SHIP statute and rule as well as your LHAP, establishing a waiting list, the application intake process, setting priorities based on your LHAP, and determining household members to […]

WEBINAR- Proficiency in Income Qualification: Part 2

This webinar will focus on calculating asset and asset income, completing the resident income certification form, complying with the 120-day clock, the award letter, and monitoring and compliance. The training will also address critical eligibility activities, including asset calculation and asset exclusions. Participants will learn how to compute anticipated annual household income. REGISTER HERE

WEBINAR: The Role of SHIP in Housing Resilience Strategic Planning

This webinar will help local governments optimize how they use valuable subsidy to maximize the production of much-needed affordable units in their communities. As production costs increase, and land use tools such as inclusionary zoning and other flexibilities grow in popularity, local governments are increasingly challenged by the need to accurately evaluate proposals to close […]

WEBINAR: LHAP Design- Part 2

This webinar will provide examples of the nuts and bolts of the plan update. This is an important training, considering that many SHIP communities must submit new LHAPs in 2023. Key topics to be addressed include properly defining terms of assistance and designing housing strategies that work in a changing market. Presenters will discuss not-so-common […]