COVID-19: Housing and Homelessness Response Webinars and Digests

Get the information you need to respond to COVID-19 by tuning in to our weekly webinars.

Weekly COVID-19 Response Webinars and Digests

Week of October 5

October 5- Planning for Second CRF Payment – FHFC CRF (Training #8) RecordingPowerPoint

Week of September 21

September 23- Hardship and Housing Reentry (Training #7) RecordingPowerPoint

Week of August 10

August 10- Agreement Review CRF Reimbursing SHIP Mortgage Payments (CRF Training 4) –  CRF Application Updated, CRF Award LetterCRF NOFA  (August 10, 2020)

Week of July 27

July 29- Deploying CARES CRF Funds through SHIP Jurisdictions (Training #2) CRF LG Subgrantee AgreementCRF Technical GuidanceForms for CRF Assistance includes Self Certification

Week of July 20

July 22- Deploying CARES CRF Funds through SHIP Jurisdictions (Training #1) – CRF Self Certification of Income and Hardship – Forms for CRF Assistance on July 23 – Coronavirus Relief Fund – FHFC and DEM Agreements Comparison Aug. 20

July 23- FHC CARES Office HoursPowerPoint

Week of June 29

July 1- Digest

July 2- Weekly Webinar- COVID-19 Response: The Intersection of Race, Housing, and Homelessness Webinar Recording, PowerPoint

Week of June 15

June 15- Digest

June 18- Weekly Webinar- Webinar Recording, PowerPoint

Week of May 18

May 18- Digest

May 18- Webinar- COVID-19 SHIP Rent Assistance ImplementationRecordingPowerPoint

May 20- Webinar- COVID-19 SHIP Mortgage Assistance Implementation- Recording, PowerPoint

May 21- Weekly Webinar- Webinar Recording, PowerPoint

Week of March 16

March 19- Weekly Webinar- Webinar Recording, PowerPoint, Frequently Asked Questions


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