The Coalition has deep experience working with national, state, regional, and local governments, as well as with the private for-profit and nonprofit sectors. The Coalition’s professional staff have collectively assisted 16 communities in 8 states with planning documents required for HUD’s Community Planning and Development (CPD) programs—including Consolidated Plans (Con Plans), Annual Action Plans, and Analyses of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (AIs). The Coalition’s consulting staff also has experience conducting Environmental Assessments for local government across the state.

At the Coalition, we recognize the necessity of superior local government planning. In order to address a wide range of pressing issues facing communities across Florida, local jurisdictions must maximize their return on investment. It is only through effective planning and efficient deployment of resources that local governments can ensure all residents enjoy a rewarding, secure and productive future.

This belief in planning forms the core of our approach to every engagement. While we always meet basic Federal requirements, we also make sure the signature characteristics of superior planning – robust citizen and stakeholder input, identification of evidence-based needs, tracking of valid outcome measures – are brought to bear for all our clients.

We look forward to exceeding Manatee County’s expectations on this project. Thank you for this opportunity and we look forward to questions and discussion about our response.

Sincerely, Jaimie Ross President/CEO