The Florida Housing Coalition expanded its legislative and policy advocacy to include issues that directly or particularly impact Florida’s nonprofit housing providers, in addition to our support for full funding of the Sadowski Act state and local housing trust funds.

We want our advocacy on behalf of nonprofits to be informed by our membership and so we launched the Florida Nonprofit Housing Advocates Network to provide a forum for you to provide input to FHC on legislative and policy issues that you believe will advance opportunities for nonprofit housing providers’ success; and provide input on how the Florida Nonprofit Housing Advocates Network can best meet your needs.

The Florida Housing Coalition is also an active member of The Sadowski Housing Coalition, a nonpartisan collection of 24 diverse statewide organizations that initially came together in 1991 to obtain a dedicated revenue source for Florida’s affordable housing programs, now known as the Sadowski Act.

If you are with a local or regional organization and would like to be a part of this collective state message and join as a Sadowski Affiliate. There is no fee for becoming a Sadowski Affiliate – only the mutual agreement of understanding between all Sadowski Coalition and Affiliate members to bring a cohesive message to the Florida Legislature that all the state and local housing trust fund monies be used for existing housing programs.

As a Sadowski Affiliate, you can participate in regular conference calls regarding issues related to the housing trust funds and assist in the effort to have all of Florida’s housing trust funds used for housing.

For more information on how to become a Sadowski Affiliate, email Johnitta Wells at

In addition, the Annual Conference offers sessions to help housing administrators and their local partners to secure SHIP housing trust fund appropriations.